12 Things You Need To Know About Jason Derulo

To celebrate the news that Jason Derulo is coming back to Birmingham, we've created this little rundown of everything you need to know about the "Want You to Want Me" singer.

From His last name is actually Desrouleaux, he's had 4 UK #1's and he used to write for Lil Wayne…check out the full list here! 

From his real last name to ghost-writing for Lil Wayne...check out the full list below! 

1. Jasssssssson Desrouleux

His real name is Jason Joel Desrouleux, although, we think it was actually pronounced Derulo the US superstar actually spells his name Desrouleux, which sounds rather exotic.

2. Jason The Ghost-Writer

Mr Derulo was a ghost-writer in the industry for three years before making it as an artist. He still occasionally write songs for other artists today, he just cannot get enough of it!

3. Ready, Steady, Cook!

Jason seriously wishes he could cook properly. We’re not talking about microwave burgers and Pot Noodles, we mean Seared New Zealand Elk Tenderloin with Parsnip Mousselin and Foie Gras (or something like that).

4. Gaga for Derulo!

Lady Gaga is a HUGE Jason Derulo fan. She loves his energy, his music and his stage presence, so much so she invited him on his ‘The Monster Ball’ tour back in 2010!

5. Hit After Hit!

Derulo has notched up FOUR UK #1 singles since his debut track in 2009. “In My Head”, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, “Talk Dirty” and most recently “Want to Want Me” all found themselves at the top of the charts soon after release.

6. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Some artists record in studios, some whilst on the road, but Jason likes his home comforts and records as much music as he can right on his doorstep. This is ideal for when inspiration appears from nowhere, Mr Derulo can just jump in the booth and lay down some sweet music.

7. Hmm Whatcha Say...

Jason Derulo’s first single “Whatcha Say” sampled the hauntingly awesome “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. He’s no stranger to sampling classic songs on his own material with “Don’t Wanna Go Home” featuring elements of the huge dance track “Show Me Love” by Robin S’.

8. He Came From Reality TV

Back in 2006, Jason won the reality TV talent series ‘Showtime’ – who’d have predicted how successful his career was going to be!

9. Jason Is Back On Tour!

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo has just announced a new WORLD TOUR! The Prince of Pop’s hotly anticipated show heads to the Barclaycard Arena 31st January 2016.

You can get your Jason Derulo tickets here.

10. Zzzzz...

It’s widely reported that Jason survives on just four hours sleep a night. How is that possible? Just four hours yet his churning out hit after hit, performing world-wide shows and he still keeps buff. Jason is Superman, that’s the only explanation.

11. He Suffered A Severe Neck Injury

In 2012 Jason was forced to cancel his ‘Future History’ tour due to a severe neck injury. Jason fractured his neck during rehearsals, but is now well and truly recovered.

12. Jason Derulo and Stevie Wonder are ‘family’!

Not technically, but that was Stevie’s response when Jason asked the ‘Superstitious’ singer to feature on his new album. "I got to asking him, would you want to play harmonica on one of my songs?' And he was like, 'Of course, man. We are family,'" he told ET. "I was like, 'Would you like to sing on that song too?' And he was like, 'Man, if I hear that song on the radio and I am not on it, I will whoop your ass!'"