5 Things you didn't know about Dixie Chicks

Catch up on all the facts about Dixie Chicks right here before they hit the stage at the Barclaycard Arena with a night full of contemporary country music!

Unsure about who Dixie Chicks are? Don't worry, here are 5 interesting facts about Dixie Chicks that will make you want to come and see them at the Barlcyacard Arena!

The band are named after a song "Dixie Chicken" It's a strange song, about a woman that charms her way around a guy tricking them to falling in love with her, then taking them for all they're worth. Harsh!

Formed in 1989, these girls have been around for quite some time, their members are Natalie Maines (Lead Vocals), Martie Maguire, Emily Robison,Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy. Natalie Maines is the daughter of Lloyd Maines, a famous steel guitar player and producer, who knew!

Dixie Chicks were the subject of a documentary "Shut Up and Sing" which follows the band over a long three year period including when Natalie Maines criticised George W. Bush in public.

When Natalie signs her autograph for fans, she always accompanies her signature with a love heart, sweet...

As a child Natalie preffered Michael Jackson and the Grease soundtrack to Nashville sounds, and when she was growing up little Natalie wanted to be a pop star like Madonna, but life obviously had other plans for this future country girl!

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