7 Things You Should Know About J. Cole

To celebrate the news about J.Cole's upcoming tour, we thought we'd give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the US rapper. 

1) He is German.

Well, not really, but Jermaine Lamarr Cole was boring in Frankfurt, Germany in 1985! At the time his father was serving the United States Army, meaning J was born in an US army base! 

2) He is not a professional footballer.

This is not J. Cole, that is Joe Cole.

3) J. Cole hasn’t always been J. Cole.

The rapper originally burst onto the scene as Blaza after meeting Bomm Sheltuh. Shortly after he switched his alias to Therapist after consulting the dictionary. The rapper finally settled on J. Cole before releasing “The Come Up”…a wise move we think.

4) J. Cole aka First-Chair Violinist in the Terry Sandford Orchestra.

Rapper, producer, violinist? In 2009 J. Cole teamed up with the Terry Sandford Orchestra to perform a string of hits including the theme songs from Mission Impossible and Batman.

5) He’s taller than Jay Z.

Yes, this seems like a pointless fact but c’mon…what would your first thought be after meeting Jay Z? When J. Cole signed to Hova’s Roc Nation, his initial thought was “Damn, I’m taller than Jay Z.”

6) He’s played at our venue before.

J. Cole supported Drake on the Canadian rappers first UK arena tour way back in 2011. Although J wasn’t as big as he is now, he got the Birmingham crowd going nuts with a 20 minute set full of bangers, which has got us thinking…imagine how good he’s going to be with as a headline act!

7) Started from the bottom now he’s here.

J. Cole wasn’t born straight into the music industry, he worked hard to get where he is now. He started rapping at 12, producing at 15 and dressed as a kangaroo in his late teens (for work purposes). J had a string of part-time jobs including ice rink attendant, salesperson and a bill collector before finally getting his break!