Babbu Is The Maan

Here's a few things you might not know about the internationally acclaimed music mega star Babbu Maan. Singer, songwriter, and actor became known for being a leader in the Punjabi folk genre.

Born and raised in Khant Maanpur, India, Tejinder Singh Maan better known as Babbu Maan began making moves in the Punjabi music from an early age, before making the transition into the film industry in the early 00’s.

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Babbu’s music and lyrics resonate closely to the hearts of Punjabis youth. His unique voice quality suits loads of different genres, including romantic, acoustic as well as up-beat peppy numbers. His hindi song "Rab Na Kare Ke Yeh Zindgi" in Bobby Deol and Kangna Ranaut starrer Bollywood flick "Vaada Raha" received lots of great feedback and proved to be very popular in Punjab.

After conquering the music scene, Babbu dipped his toe into the film industry where he immediately began to flourish. Since 2003, Maan has starred in 15 blockbusters including both Punjabi and Bollywood films as actor

Here’s a few facts about the Maan himself…

Destined for Stardom

Babbu’s first musical stage performance was at the tender age of seven-years-old. From that point on, music was the career path which Maan knew he should take…and what a choice it was!

The Maan of Many Names

There is another name of Babbu Maan given by his fans is KANTHWALA MAAN. In the initial time period the popularity of Mann got rapid growth.

10 Down, 11th On The Way!

Babbu Maan has continued to churn out album after album in career that really kicked off over 18 years ago. Maan released his first album ‘Sajjan Rumal De Geya’ way back in 1998 whilst on the Catrack record label. Maan has released tracks from his 10th studio album, Mera Gham 2 and reports suggesting that work has begun on album number 11 ‘Itihaas 2’ a follow up of the 2015 success ‘Itihaas’.

Lights, Camera, Action…

Maan isn’t just a super successful musician, his career in the film industry speaks for itself! After his film debut in 2003 Babbu went from strength to strength and now directs, producers, sings, writes and acts in a lot of his most recent releases. He really is the Maan!

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