Barclaycard Arena Meets… Marvel Universe LIVE!

Backstage at the UK premier of Marvel Universe LIVE! we had a quick natter with Chris Nobels, Director of Operations for a show that includes more Marvel characters than you can shake a stick at!

Now, we talk to A LOT of people in this job, but this guy oozes creativity, and we can safely say has one of the most interesting jobs we’ve ever heard of.  This guy knows everything about the Marvel Universe LIVE! show, so who better to tell us more about it…

So Chris, what was it about Marvel franchise that made you want to be a part of it all?

We [Feld Entertainment - Producers of the show] were exploring new ways we could work with Disney and realised that the Super Hero genre was something never done before.  We pitched the idea of a touring live action stunt show that was to both Disney and Marvel and they loved it!   Being able to reach audiences in their home locations was a big plus point, so we worked with them to create an original storyline, and here we are!


What your role in the production?

I oversee the bigger operations of the show; for example, when the creators wanted Iron Man to fly over the Arena, I had to work with our support team, figure out how to do it and make it happen.

What was the most challenging thing you had to incorporate into the show?

There were several!  One of Aldrich Killian’s super powers is the angrier he gets, the more he lights on fire; working with our costume house, we came up with a very thin LED that could be embedded into his shirt, so he starts normal, takes his coat off and starts to glow a little bit.  Then we throw him through a wall and he’s on fire for about a minute and twenty seconds….so working with the team figuring that out was fun.

How many people are involved in the whole production?

There are 53 performers, 48 crew, eight travelling staff, the Operations team, a Support team of 5-10 and a Creative team of around 30, which includes everyone from the Creative Director, to the Lighting Designer, to the Fire Suit Specialist, to the motorcycle choreographers!

If you could play any of the Super Heroes in the show, who would it be and why?

Probably Captain America because of the motorcycle stunts!  I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, so just watching what they do is so awe inspiring.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t bought tickets for the show?

Get them soon, as tickets are selling fast!  Whether you are a huge Marvel fan, or its your first experience, we’ve catered for every age bracket and every knowledge base.  This is an unmissable experience like no other!

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