Bradley Walsh On Peter Pan

A few weeks' ago we snuck on to the set of Peter Pan - Christmas In Neverland as the guys filmed their parts for the upcoming TV ad! Whilst backstage, we caught up with the one and only Bradley Walsh...

The arena adventure is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated events of the year and with a giant 60-foot-wide LED screen, computer graphic imagery and even a life-size Jolly Roger sailing through the Arena in front of a 10,000-gallon water wall, it's easy to see why!


How is Peter Pan going to be different to Cinderella?

This is going to be special. If you’re sitting up there in Row G, we’re gonna be right up there with you.

We’ve got the world’s biggest animatronic crocodile, we’ve got a gallon, a life sized gallon coming round the arena which will fire water cannons and we have the dancing waters of Los Vegas on the show.  

That is extraordinary to see alone. It’s going to be amazing. It’s like nothing i’ve ever been involved in.

What is it about performing in these types of shows that you love?

I’ve done many, many theatres and many, many pantomimes, what we wanted to achieve is a family adventure show, a big extravaganza that you can’t see in any theatre - but now, we’ve got it! For a performer like me, coming into a show like this, I love it. It’s a different ball game. I’m so excited. 

I love the laughter and the shouting and the cheering and the screaming and all that sort of business from the kids and the families - this time it’s going to be pretty spectacular.  

How does it feel working alongside Martin Kemp?

Working with Martin Kemp is great because I loved Martin’s music, i thought the band were just sensational and I think to have Martin with us playing Hook is brilliant! Not only is just a great bass player for one of the world’s most prolifically bands, he is a great actor. 

He’s done films, he’s been in television, Eastenders, it’s great to be working with Martin. He’s a lovely, lovely man. He won’t be when he’s playing Hook, he’s really going to go for it. 

What would you say to someone who's not yet grabbed their tickets?

If you buy a ticket and see this family adventure, this is something like you’ve never seen before. This will be just amazing. So much so, I wish that i’d bought a ticket. Cinderella was good, this is something on a different level and we’ve absolutely nailed it.

Finally, describe Peter Pan - Christmas In Neverland in just three words...

Fantastic. Adventurous. Gigantic.

You can grab your Peter Pan tickets right here, right now!