Debbie Harry and the boys are back!

Iconic rockers, Blondie return to Birmingham this November for a show which is gonna be soaked in nostalgia. To get you guys ready, we’re taking a look at our Top 5 most influential Blondie tracks – see if your fave made the list!

5. Maria

Maria came after a 15-year break for Blondie and what a way to reintroduce themselves. Written by Jimmy Destri, Blondie’s keyboard player, Maria is all about desire and lust, which is ironic because following the release of their comeback track, everyone was desiring and lusting for more Blondie hits!

4. The Tide Is High

Obviously not an original Blondie track, but their version of the classic hit went straight to No.1 in both the UK and the US. The track written by John Holt, was originally released by Jamaican group The Paragons and you’ll hear the classic island groove and pulsating tones in Blondie's cover...with the addition of Debbie Harry’s wicked vocals.

3. Call Me

Call Me featured as the main theme song of the hit 1980 film, American Gigolo and eventually went on to become the top-selling single of the same year – catapulting Blondie even further into the limelight. The track is dipped in disco vibes, addictive beats, crazy powerful vocals and a super catchy hook…what’s not to love about that combination?

2. One Way or Another

The original meaning behind the song isn’t too jolly, it’s actually written about one of Debbie Harry’s ex boyfriends who pretty much stalked her after a messy break up, hmm…but there’s no denying that the beat, hook and lyrics are beyond brilliant. The track oozes longevity and still features in movies and on TV today. It’s probably the best song about a stalker you’ll ever hear.

1. Heart of Glass

It’s impossible not to include this in our Top 5 Blondie tracks, it’s iconic!  Arguably Blondie’s most recognisable hit, the track is 4 minutes and 35 seconds of pure dance-y, synth-y, pop-y perfection! It’s hard to escape funky, electro music nowadays with the genre taking over the charts over the past few years, but this is one of the originals. Packed full of new wave disco and Harry’s irresistible vocals, Heart of Glass is one of those songs that you simply cannot dislike.