Diversity: Then and Now...

They stole our hearts back in 2009 as the dance troupe were crowned winners of Britain's Got Talent with a surprise victory against none other than SuBo! But fast forward eight years and you won't believe how the Diversity lads have changed...

Since their big break and that Royal Variety performance, the lads have gone from strength to strength, with more than a couple of massive nationwide tours under their belt, and one more on the way in April

And you must’ve been under a rock if you missed the photo of members Perri Kiely, Ashley and Jordan Banjo that was making the rounds last year. Proving that all the boys have well and truly grown up. Perri, now 21, was just 14 years old when Diversity shot to stardom!

As much as the lads clearly still love performing with Diversity we’ve seen a few of them break into the solo scene too with their own projects. Who’s been watching Ashley doing some expert judging on ‘Dance Dance Dance’?

Or remember when Perri and Jordan swanned off to LA to host the UK coverage of at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards –for their third year!

Or the one you might not have heard about, the return of their Butlin’s Dance Academies, where the guys give budding dance stars of the future a street dance master class like no other!

Since forming in 2007, in memory of a dear friend. Taking the UK by storm by winning Britain’s Got Talent in front of a 20 million live TV audience in 2009. Selling almost half a million tickets across 6 nationwide UK tours. And touching millions of hearts globally, we’ve watched them grow over the years and you know what, we can’t wait to see what’s next!


Dream, Believe, Achieve!