Dynamo Exclusive!

We sat down with the jaw dropping Dynamo last week to discuss all things magic, including his heroes, how he's turned street magic into stage magic and his biggest fear about his upcoming live show!

The Magician Impossible heads to the Barclaycard Arena this December for 5 HUGE shows, all of which will be different in some kind of way. If you've not got your Dynamo tickets yet, then snap them up quick before they dissapear!


Hello Dynamo, talk to us about some of your heroes….

Well my biggest hero in magic is my grandpa, he got me into it. And then people i kinda take inspiration from are, there’s an english guy called David Burglass he’s still around, he was the man, so he’s gotta be up there. He consulted me throughout my TV show and gave me permission to re-create some of his ideas. There’s also David Copperfield, he’s a legend, people like David Blaine. 

For me, one the most magical performers that's ever been is Michael Jackson. As much as I want my show to be a magic show, I want it to be an entertainment show. If Michael Jackson were to do a magic show, this is it. I’ve kinda tried to have that showmanship, but still keeping it Yorkshire.

Why has magic moved away from the bigger shows?

I think the reason why magic moved away from some of those big kinda shows, this because of things like YouTube, the internet, the fact that people don’t watch things in the same way anymore. The way we get information in this day and age is so different. Things like YouTube and Periscope, you know, if you had a bad performance or a trick went wrong, that’s going to be on YouTube in an instance - so i think its taken a while for the magicians to adapt to the new performing environments. 

I think TV magic had a bit of a rise and we learnt new ways to present our magic, with street magic becoming the forefront of the magic world, but hopefully when you see the show, you’ll agree with me that i’ve managed to find a balance of the two. That’s i’m trying to do.

What can we expect from your show?

I think my show is one of the only shows in the UK that is fully inclusive, where every member of the audience is involved in the magic at the same time and it wouldn’t work without everybody. There’s parts when i’m in the audience, there’s parts where half the audience is on stage with me, it’s definitely an experience more than going to cinema. The whole show relies on spectators, which gives it that live and no two nights are ever the same.

Has it been hard to take your street magic to the stage?

Yes. Extremely hard. First off, the Northern accent in some places is not that easy to understand. Also, six weeks ago i’ve never even been on a stage, so they built one up and i’ve performing the show literally in front of nobody, to an empty room and having to imagine people up there. 

The thing that i’ve really tried hard to do is to keep it intimate even though it’s a massive space. I don’t really use any fancy props or anything, but i’ve tried to have a real balance. I’ve tried to keep a mix of all the stuff that everybody wants to see. It’s really hard to take about the show without giving anything away…

So, from Magician Impossible to live shows, how's it been?

I’ve kinda enjoyed performing without having a camera there, it’s given me bit of break. initially we were going to film a documentary, but we decided against it which is great because i feel like i’ve not been under the microscope as much. I can just focus on giving the best performers and putting on a great show. I’ve got some other ideas for TV in the future, but I just want to get this out of the way with first. 

Im genuinely quite a shy guy so the thought i’ve going out to thousands of people would have petrified me two or three weeks ago. But the last four shows i’ve done, i’ve properly enjoyed it.

Are there any risks in the show…

Well, i’ve tried to incorporate a few of the bigger things in there that i’m known for, but in different ways. Some of the stuff is do is very physically demanding, so i’ve been going to the gym twice a day and having physio…who knows, i could be the next Calvin Harris.

Last question, is there any part of the show you’re worried about…

Well, there’s two things that damaged me because I’m still having to do them every night, i remember doing it on opening night. I think what happened is, in rehearsals i’ve done that thing like 50 times a day, right, and then on opening night i had some much adrenaline going through my body that i went even extra with it and i heard a crack in my back, but i didn’t feel the pain because i was buzzing, i was so hyped! But I woke up the next morning and i couldn’t physically move. I was in bad way, but one of the physios from Man City has worked with me and got me back to a state where i can do the show.

So yeah that worries, but also, there’s a section in the show where i get a lot of people on stage. That routine relies entirely on them understanding what I’m asking them to do because it’s hands off from me, it’s a routine where they make all the choices and the outcome relies entirely on them, if the outcome comes out what I want it to be, then it’s the best feeling ever, if not, it’s still amazing but it’s that one routine that when I’m on stage, I’m never 100% confident with it.

Dynamo heads to our arena 9-13 December, be there or be square!