Ed's New Milkshake Will Bring All The Boys (And Girls) To The Yard

Sometimes at work you draw the short-straw and you get lumped with a tedious job you really don’t want to do…but today was not that day! Today I chose the long-straw...which was then subsequently​ dipped into Ed's Easy Diner's brand new milkshake!

Earlier today, I was ‘forced’ to head down to Ed’s on our Arena Boardwalk to go and try their new Reese’s Milkshake, which is available right now! C’mon someone’s gotta do it!

I met up with a few members of staff, all supporting their new brightly coloured orange Reese’s t-shirts, which instantly got me in the mood for their newest milkshake addition.

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I sat down at the bar as Steph, from Ed's Easy Diner, talked me through what I was about to experience and being a peanut butter lover, I literally couldn't wait.

I then watched how the taste sensation is fused together, before being handed a large glass containing what I would call, "heaven".

It's rich in taste, super creamy and packs a peanut butter punch that will have you wanting more and more! Now, I'm gonna stick my neck on line here, it's definitely in the top 5 milkshakes I've ever had and trust me, I've had many a milkshake.

FACT OF THE DAY: This milkshake is better than Kelis'. The American singer-songwriter could only bring the boys to the yard, but Ed's, well, yeah you guessed it, Ed's is gonna bring EVERYONE to the yard (other than those who don't like peanut butter) when it goes on sale this Monday.

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Whether you need something refreshing alongside your Big Bubba's Bacon N'Cheese Burger OR you just fancy grabbing a quick shake on the move, then this is the one for you.

Make sure you head down to Ed's Easy Diner on our Arena Boardwalk and pick up one for yourself, you'll absolutely love it!