The Festival of Neuroscience comes to Birmingham

Now for something a little bit different, this week our friends over at the ICC are hosting the Festival of Neuroscience. All sounds a bit clever right? But there’s a whole programme of events open to the public and suitable for all ages, and it’s free!

For the science lovers and those just with an open mind there’s a whole host of events happening 10th-13th April.

Learn how to measure your own brain waves as neuroscientists will show you how to record electrical impulses in nerve cell, and explain why researching flies is so exciting! Professor Paul Howard-Jones, off of Channel 4’s 'Secret Life of 4 ,5 and 6 year olds' investigates how neuroscience can help us learn (and teach) better on Tuesday at 6pm.

Find out how advances in neuroscience are offering a fresh perspective on antisocial behaviour and what happens when you alter signals to your brain. Or one for the kids; join the journeys of an adventurous little girl as she discovers amazing things about what her brain is, what it looks like, how it works, and what it is made up of.

One of the largest meetings of neuroscientists to take place in Europe this year, gives you the chance to come and meet the neuroscientists visiting Birmingham and discuss what is surely the most fascinating organ we possess: our brain! See the full progamme of talks, lectures, art and hands-on activities at