Find Out What These Celebs Think of Jack Whitehall's Show

We could tell you how hilarious Jack Whitehall's new At Large show is, but, we thought we'd let this lot do it for us!

Jack Whitehall brings his 'At Large' show to our arena in just a few weeks' time and we're absolutely buzzing for it...and we're not the only ones!

Olympic Diver, Tom Daley, said he'd 'never actually laughed so hard' that he was in pain afterwards...which is a good thing after a comedy gig, right?

Countdown's Nick Hewer couldn't believe the demographics in the audience claiming he thought it'd be made up fully of 'young funsters' but he was wrong: "In fact it was sprinkled with the elderly, and how we laughed, how we loved him."

Everyone seems to be loving Jack's new show, well everyone other than his Dad: "The show itself? Probably not my cup of tea." We can only imagine it's 'cos poor Michael is probably the butt of most jokes. Tough love from Papa Whitehall.

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