Five reasons why you need to see Fatboy Slim's Birmingham show

We wish this ground-breaking live show was ‘right here’ in Birmingham ‘right now’ because it’s going to be absolutely insane! Bringing electro, dance, EDM and house fans together for a night of bangers, Fatboy Slim promises to deliver one of the best live DJ shows you’ll see EVER. And here’s our top five reasons why you can’t afford to miss it.

There's absolutely no doubt that Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, is a legend. He's been at the top of the game since 1979, bagging all the awards, all the accolade and all the hearts of dance music fans. Somehow, we've managed to narrow it down to just FIVE reasons why you NEED to be at Fatboy Slim's show here in Birmingham!

Fatboy Slim


If you think Fatboy Slim simply spins the decks and pushes a few buttons, then you're wrong. He is the ultimate musician. He can sing, he can play loads of instruments and when he's on stage, he transforms into one of the greatest front-men you'll see.


Just imagine hearing the likes of Weapon of Choice, Right Here Right Now, The Rockafeller Skank, Praise You, Ya Mama, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, Gantgster Tripping and Star 69 live, surrounded by thousands of Fatboy Slim fans. It's going to be unreal.


It's going to be a really unique show, with Norman donning the round in the centre of the arena floor. “I’ll be slap bang in the middle of the dance floor, right up close to you all at every show”, he announced. With a spherical stage, huge 360 screens and a light show which will have you mesmerised, the sheer scale of production will blow you away!


It's going to be electrifying. With a huge standing floor, the epic production and ALL of the hits, you just know that the atmosphere here at Arena Birmingham will be like no other. 


Seeing Fatboy Slim is a bit of a bucket list tick. He's a legend. An icon of dance music. He's someone you'll keep reminding people that you witnessed live. He's not someone you want to miss out on.