Getting To Know Snow White!

When your Mom is Linda Lusardi and your Dad is Sam Kane, being an entertainer is something that's in the DNA! We sat down with our very own Snow White, Lucy Kane, as she reveals how she's feeling ahead of The World's Biggest Panto!

We caught up with our lovely princess during the press day a few weeks ahead of her starring role in the biggest show of the year! Lucy is no stranger to pantomimes after portraying the Princess in Jack and the Beanstalk (which also starred Steve McFadden aka PHIL MITCHELL), she played the Fairy Godmother’s assistant alongside her Mom and Dad and also the title role in Annie at the Harlow Theatre!


But this is like no other panto, this is the WORLD'S BIGGEST we were keen to chat to our princess about how she's feeling ahead of December's spectacular!

"It's going to be amazing. there's so many special effects, there's going to be a massive cast, there's stars you just can't afford to miss." We couldn't agree more, Lucy!

Miss Kane told us that she 'absolutely cannot wait’ to get stuck into The World’s Biggest Panto and described it as like nothing she’s ever done before. Oh and whilst we’re talking about panto, if you’ve not grabbed your Snow White tickets yet, then what are you playing at? You snap ‘em up now!

We also asked Lucy how she felt about the idea of working alongside the likes of Mel B, Rylan and Vincent & Flavia and being a HUGE Spice Girl fan, you can imagine her reaction: "It's so exciting to know that I'm going to be friends with these people, it's just such a cool thing to be able to say." Which is true, I mean c'mon, #SquadGoals or what?

Now, we wanted to get to the bottom of exactly what Lucy is planning ahead of her starring role in the show - and her response was surprising (in the best type of way) "Snow White is going to be more bolshie, a bit more confident" which kinda moves away from the traditional damsel in distress character, something which we absolutely love. Although thinking about it, I'm pretty sure our Scary Witch and her evil Henchman will have something to say about that!

Anyway, here's our full interview with the lovely Lucy Kane...

Lucy is also working on her own music career, with an album hopefully on the way soon *fingers crossed* and an ever growing fan-base, Lucy Kane is the name you’ve gotta watch out for. Check out Lucy's YouTube channel, boy oh boy, this girl can SING! 

Remember, Snow White - The World's Biggest Panto swings by our arena from the 19th - 22nd December, so make sure you pop down this Christmas!