Grande Rocks The Grammys!

Who watched the Grammys a few nights back? Another year and another great show – never short on a bit of drama too!

Rhianna’s questionable fashion choices, Paul McCartney dad dancing to ELO (yup we spotted you Paul) and of course Kanye being Kanye, there was never a dull moment . And what can we say about the performances on the night, AC/DC, Pharrell as a bus boy, and Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige smashed it!

But our favourite by far (and we’re not just saying this) was Ariana Grande’s simple but powerful performance of tearjerker ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’.

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Ariana heads to the Barclaycard Arena 9th June 2015. Click here to get your Ariana Grande tickets.

Ariana Grande performance Grammys 2015 HD by abzzzmusic-vevo