James Blunt Overtakes Ed Sheeran In The Charts...Kinda!

Since the release of James Blunt's 'The Afterlove' album last Friday, it's done a bit of an 'Ed Sheeran' and claimed almost every spot in the UK Singles Chart...well, kind of!

2017 is the year of James Blunt! From his super witty Twitter bants to drunken tales with his chum Ed Sheeran, Blunty has already left his mark on 2K17 . Although perhaps more importantly, away from his antics, James Blunt is back making catchy, punchy and just all round good music! So much so, it's taken over the UK Single Charts...

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Well, sort of!

Sceptics will say it's not real, but your entitled to believe what you want. Some say if you look closely, you can see that it's been written over the actual Top 10 in red pen, but I'm not interested in conspiracy theories.

It wasn't a total whitewash as Ed Sheeran still managed to hold the No. 9 spot with album track Barcelona. It's great to see two mates dominating the charts together...wonder when that dreamy acoustic collaboration will happen!

Now, whether you chose to believe that James has actually taken over the Official UK Charts or not, there's no denying that JB takes over our arena this November! If you fancy it, you can snap up your James Blunt tickets here.

Now, go download The Afterlove and keep Bartender at the top! #BartenderForNumber1