Hear the Kaiser Chiefs favourite songs

If you're anything like us, getting to hear who your favourite band's favourite bands are is always a treat. And now you get to hear not one, but TWO, of Kaiser Chiefs' personal playlists.

Ever fancied waking up with Ricky? Or going to sleep with Simon? Sadly we can't offer you that... but we can share with you the songs the guys like to play first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Thanks to Spotify, you can now hear a curated selection of songs that the boys like to listen to as they wake up and get ready for a typical day. Including some absolute bangers from the likes of OutKast and Paul Simon...

And that's not all. If you're reading this in the evening and want to fill your ears with the same sounds the Kaiser boys might be listening to, they've only gone and done a PM playlist just for you. (Our favourite tune off it? Hard to pick between Jamie T and Yeezy!)

Hopefully that's got you in the mood for some live music (always better in our opinion), if so don't forget ticket for the Kaiser Chiefs are still available. Get yours now to avoid the dreaded FOMO!