Linkin Park & Stormzy have a new song...together!

Linkin Park are no strangers when it comes to hook-ups with rap superstars, after their hugely successful Collision Course album they released in 2004 with Jay Z. But now, it looks like the boys have turned their attention to Grime and who better to collab with than King Stormzy himself!

The nu-metal icons release their brand new album 'One More Light' in just a few weeks time and spoiler alert, a Stormzy collaboration is 100% confirmed.

2017 is officially the year of Grime, with Drake's 'More Life' mixtape echoing the shift of the genre which has been bubbling away underground for years. Stormzy has quickly become the torchbearer for Grime, bringing the genre back into the limelight - and rightly so!

But let's be honest, did anybody see a Linkin Park and Stormzy collaboration coming? Absolutely not...


Chatting with BeBoxMusic, Linkin Park's frontman Chester Bennington announced that the album will in fact include a Stormzy collab, on song called ‘Good Goodbye’ which also features GOOD Music President, Pusha T.

“We like Stormzy and we think that he’s dope,” Bennington said. “Little did we know that, he was about to take over the world.”

 “It required us reaching out saying ‘Hey, we like Stormzy, here’s a track if you would like to participate on it, that would be awesome.’ Apparently he was like, ‘Yeah.’ That wasn’t that difficult, but we knew of Stormzy and that’s why we reached out to him.”

Wonder if Linkin Park will bring out Stormzy at their Birmingham gig in July *crosses fingers*.