This Unruly Mess I've Made

They’ve been teasing us for a while with ‘Downtown’; the perfect summer tune, released last August, and then some mysterious teaser vids prepping us for the new album released last week on 26th Feb 2016.

It’s been over 3 years since duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released their Grammy award winning album ‘Heist’, and we’ve been waiting for their follow up ever since!

I mean seriously we had that album on repeat in the office, and when Thrift Shop comes on you’d better clear the dance floor I will be dancing and miming to that like a… y’know, but anyways.

So what’s our first impressions of ‘This Unruly Mess I’ve Made’?

We like it…maybe not quite Heist like it but it’s good. Macklemore is no stranger to addressing political themes ( ‘Same Love’, ‘Wings’, plus the rest) and his sincerity on certain issues has been questioned previously, however on this album he’s refused to shy away from it. Balancing introspection and teacher-ly realism, noteably on ‘Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) – written with and featuring another fave Ed Sheeran.  Throughout Macklemore almost apologetically raps about his life and success, as well as the theft, violence and consumerist foundations the American dream is built on, all accompanied by Ryan Lewis’ musical talents.

With the exception of ‘Downtown’ this album lacks some of the catchiness of their debut but has its’ own charm. Take a look at their latest video for ‘Kevin’ featuring the soulful tones of Leon Bridges (lyrics contain adult themes).


This album is a bit of a grower but I urge you to stick with it, it doesn’t quite have the bangers of their last album but you know you’ll still be bouncing around like the ceiling won’t hold us with everyone else when they crash into Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham on 26th April!