Madonna Is Back!

The Queen is back on the road with her December arrival fast approaching! Here's a few photos, reviews and sneak previews of Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' tour!

The superstar behind the likes of Like A Virgin, Material Girl and La Isla Bonita heads to the Barclaycard Arena in just a few months and we're already buzzing for her arrival.

So much so, we've managed to get hold of a few photographs of some of her recent performances, just to wet your whistle ahead of her Birmingham show. 

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Also, we've got a huge SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who cannot wait for the show, you can check out the setlist for the performance here. Bear in mind it may change a little bit before her arrival here in December.

This has got us super excited for the return of Madonna, right now where is our Like A Prayer album, it's time to crank that bad boy up real LOUD!