Marvel Universe LIVE! What To Expect...

We we're lucky enough to grab some tickets for the first European performance of Marvel Universe LIVE…and what a performance it was! Action packed, loads of drama and all your fave Super Heroes! Here's what you can expect from the show this December!

If you love Marvel you will LOVE this live show! What can you expect for Marvel Universe LIVE! as it crashes into Brum? Well, expect EVERYTHING! We're talking explosions, back flips, aerial duels, motorcycle stunts and an actual man on actual fire - it's something else!

Iron Man MUL

The overall narrative (without giving too much away) is classic comic book story...which will please all you Marvel fans. Basically, Thor destroys the Cosmic Cube, smashing it into three parts. Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend, Loki, has created a Cosmic Cube of his own, capturing X-Men Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops for their mutant DNA. Still keeping up?

The MARVEL-lous team of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Black Widow and Falcon set out on a mission to discover the three remaining pieces of the Cosmic Cube before Loki finds them first - do the Super Heroes prevail? Well, you gotta find out for yourself.

Let's talk about the show's brilliant! The actors portraying the characters were on point, from their mannerisms to the way they flew around the arena bowl, they completely nailed it!  

The special effects were exactly that, very special. As we mentioned before, you've got a man on fire battling with Iron Man, Spider-Man hangs from the Green Goblin's floating craft by only his 'web' and the way Bruce Banner transformed into his big, green, angry friend (the Hulk) had the crowd gasping with excitement.

The way the show is written is extremely clever - although it's predominately aimed at kids and families - there's tonnes of nods that true Marvel fans will absolutely get. Also, the stunts that are performed throughout show along with the intriguing storyline and the ever changing stage set will allow everyone from Nanna June to Uncle Jim to enjoy every single minute!

We even managed to get a quick word with Director of Operations, Chris Noble, who said: "

If you are a huge Marvel fan, theres something for you, if you know nothing about Marvel and this is your first experience, you wont be lostwe go through the story enough and introduce the characters enough so it doesn’t matter what your knowledge is. Its got something for 5+ year old to grandparents- its something for Dads to take the family to, I’ve seen many a grandparent without kids sitting wathing it having the time of their lives. 

Every genre, every age bracket, every knowledge base is something we try to cater for. With the Marvel fans, there’s such a die-hard passion- there are jokes for everyone in there.  There s somethings I was like ‘what’ and then when the laws behind it were explained I was like ‘ yeah okay’ The writers worked really hard with Marvel to weed those types of things in there."

We don’t wanna reveal too much else, you’ve just gotta experience this for yourself this December – go snap up your Marvel Universe Live! tickets now!