Micky's Tour Is Off To A Flying Start!

"If Flanagan is out to show he's still a man of the people, he's succeeded it tonight, with his jokes about every day life still proving popular with his fans." Looks like the people of Manchester loved Micky Flanagan's new 'An' Another Fing' stand-up show!

Micky Flanagan's mamouth UK Tour kicked off last week and by the sounds of it, he was on toop form...which has got us buzzing for his Birmingham shows here at our arena on 18-20 May and 1-3 June! 

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Here's a taster from the review that the guys at Manchester Evening News put together following Micky's show last week...

"From the off, Micky Flanagan decides to put things straight with the audience.

His management is getting worried about his new found wealth. He still remains a man of the people - except he's filthy rich. "I'm just the same as you," he says, "Except I've got money."

He then ges into hilarious tales about family life, largely centred on trying to avoid conflict with his wife. The first half concentrates on the build up to Flanagan working up the courage to tell his Mrs he wants to take a year off.

There's a possibility Flanagan's jokes about working class life in London and southern lad humour might be lost on us up north. But the north-south divide doesn't seem to have had an effect on ticket sales in Manchester, as further dates were added to this sell-out show at Manchester Arena with Flanagan performing three nights in total."

You can read the full review here.

Now all that there's left to do is get ready for his arrival next week - bring it on, Micky!