Noel Gallagher’s New Album Is Wicked!

FINALLY, NGHFB have dropped their new album…and it’s pretty special!  

As the 'Will They, Won't They' debate continues to ramble on over an Oasis reunion, both Liam and Noel have released brand new EP's in the last few months, sparking a secondary argument over who's is better...and our answer...BOTH (go on, say it, yes we're on the fence).

We don't think it's a case of one over the other, the two albums are completely different - and with the release of Noel Gallagher's (and his High Flying Birds) 'Who Built The Moon?' EP, it's got everyone in the office ready for their 2018 arrival!

NME‘s Mark Beaumont gave the album four out of five stars, describing the record as “a grand sonic expansion… enshrouded in a kind of sepia rock dream-haze and one big lyrical air-punch”.

“It’s Noel’s freewheeling solo freedom and return-to-mega-form song-writing that makes this amongst the albums of the year,” Beaumont writes. “Noel shoots for ‘…The Moon’, and strikes bullseye.”

Pitchfork also applauded the latest NGHFB release saying it's Noel Gallagher’s 'most ambitious of his solo release' and said "It internalizing the heyday of late ’90s Britpop while sounding both urgent and absurd to mostly great effect."

Don't just take these guys word for it, give it a listen today - you'll love it!