Paul O'Grady On Cinderella

We sat down with the hilarious Paul O'Grady ahead of his role in Cinderella, the World's Biggest Panto which kicks off at our arena December 20th! 

Here's what the Fiary Godfather had to say...


Hello Paul, how does it feel to be back in Birmingham? 

Well I’m no stranger to Brum, I’ve been working here since the 80’s, in a club called The Jug, then I went to the Nightingale Club then I started doing the theatres, the Hippodrome, the Alex, so I’m no stranger at all. 

What do you make of the redevelopment? 

Lovely, really lovely.  

What are you looking forward to most about Cinderella, the World’s Biggest Panto? 

It’s a huge cast, I’ve never been in a show with quite so many people, and then you’ve got all the effects, the 3D and all that and I love flying, god knows why been slung across twice daily on a rope I must be a bit of a masochist, but I do love it. I’m looking forward to getting up there with my wings… 

So you are planning on doing a bit of flying? 

Oh yes it’s in the contract, I wouldn’t do it unless I fly. Told ya, I don’t do any walking, fly on, fly off… 

And how did you get here today...

Flew, on broomstick though… (hahaha) 

So Paul, you’re a massive fan of animals – what is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you live whilst performing with animals? 

I had a baboon whilst we were filming in Africa...and the baboon was sat on me back, with his legs here [round shoulders] and he wee’d as we were on camera. I don’t know whether you’ve had a baboon wee on you, but it’s like a firehose and it goes on continuously for about 10 minutes. 

Would you ever consider working with animals in Panto? 

Well, we’ve got animals in this one, we’ve got horses…so that’s where you’ll find me, with the horses chatting away.  

Paul, finally, what would you say to somebody who’s not sure whether to buy tickets for Cinderella – why should they buy tickets? 

Well this is different to any other Panto, one, its on a huge scale, fantastic set and we’ve got 3D, a giant snowman who throws balls at the kids,  you name it we’ve got the lot. Two, we’ve got me fluttering around…it’s different to any other Panto, it’s worth a try, so buy your tickets and come and see us. 

You can grab your Cinderella tickets right here.