Reeves & Mortimer Action Shots

Comedic geniuses, Vic & Bob, bring their hilarious ‘25 Years of the Poignant Moments’ tour to the Barclaycard Arena this December – here’s a few action shots to get you ready for the show!

These legends celebrate 25 years together by touring the UK with their critically acclaimed new show, stopping off here in Birmingham in just a few week's time! 

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With Reeves first appearing on telly back in the '80s, the pair would make their first appearance together in 1990, and soon forged a partnership that has since seen them ranked in the Top 10 comedy acts of all time.

Known for their absurd, eccentric, surreal and downright silly sketches, parodies, jokes, and banter, Reeves and Mortimer are without doubt one of the most unique acts to come out of British comedy in modern day, while still managing to be one of the most influential, too.

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