Rock meets Rap

Last week, news broke that Fall Out Boy would be joined on tour by...wait for it...PROFESSOR GREEN! The British rapper hits the road with the US rockers later this year, which includes a stop at the Barclaycard Arena on 6 October.

Although this surprised some fans, we've got proof that rock and rap go together like rather than chalk and cheese.

5) Lil Wayne vs. Lil Wayne

In 2010, Lil Wayne teamed up with...Lil Wayne to create "Rebirth" - an album which fuses rock with the lyrical flow of rap. The self-proclaimed 'best rapper alive' experiments with huge guitar solos, noisy drum beats and grungy lyrics in his attempt to blend the two genres. The album features guest appearances from Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Shanell and Kevin Rudolf and is definitely worth at least one listen, you know never, you may just be a secret Weezy fan!

4) Muse vs. The Streets

The unlucky pairing of alternative rock band, Muse, and hip hop artist Mike Skinner shocked fans back in the late 00's as they joined forces for "Who Knows Who". The Streets frontman put pen to paper for the lyrics, with Mr Muse aka Matthew Bellamy writing the music. The track was leaked in 2008, almost a year before the official release date. Both Muse and The Streets confirmed the track was "a bit of a laugh" and admitted they never intended it to be a "serious release" either way, who cares, we love it!

3) Bon Iver vs. Kanye West

Although Bon Iver aren't technically rock, their melodic mash up with Mr West had to make our top 5. Justin Vernon's eerie vocals collided with Yeezy's ego to make a truly special record. It featured on Kanye's "My Twisted Dark Fantasy" LP and is way more than an album filler track. Check it out below!

2) Aerosmith vs. Run DMC

Many people think of this as the first real rap / rock crossover, and wow, what a collaboration this is. Steven Tyler's screeching high notes perfectly couple DMC's classic flow as the pair meet on the track. In this high octane battle of genres we see flailing leggings and bare chests meet gold chains and Stan Smiths, with only one outcome, a super rocky rap creation!

1) Linkin Park vs. Jay Z

When this dropped it had the rockers rapping and the rappers rocking. Whoever was behind the idea of putting Linkin Park and Jay Z on the same track is an absolute genius (it was probably Hova himself). The boys teamed up to produce the timeless hybrid album "Collision Course" which featured mash ups of some of their greatest hits. We're talking Pappercut meets 99 Problems, Lying From You locks horns with Dirt Off Your Shoulder and of course, Numb vs play below and get ready to ROCK, or rap...

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