Rylan's Ready For Panto

We popped down to London to meet up with our Snow White Henchman, Rylan Clark-Neal, on the set of his panto photo-shoot. Rylan told us what we can expect from him in the show, why he wanted to be apart of it and what he's gonna do if things go wrong on stage…

First things first, RYLAN IS HILARIOUS! As soon as he entered the room, his personality completely filled it from wall to wall. He literally acted no differently to how we see him on TV – he’s just a genuine guy who’s loving life!

It was a packed day with back to back interviews and a photo-shoot in between, but our Henchman was as cool as cucumber as he gave 100% all day long. We know the cast of Snow White are going to LOVE working with the Big Brother presenter, I mean, we were only with him for a few hours and we loved every single minute.


Rylan revealed to us that he’s feeling “so nervous” a head of the show…purely because it’s not just any panto, it’s the WORLD’S BIGGEST PANTO, but he admitted that he’s “so excited” by the thought of who he’s doing it with and by the sounds of it he cannot wait to get going!

Rylan told us: “You can expect everything you got last year from the world’s biggest panto, but 100 times bigger! Because not only have we got all of the little bits you got last year, but we have got fountains, horses, castles, snow, rain, wind, gold, silver, TEEEEEEEEETH!”

The cast is huge this year and Rylan explained that his love for Mel B, and he’s admiration of Vincent & Flavia’s talent made it easy to say YES to part of the show!

Now, obviously the panto is a live show so we wanted to dig a little bit deeper and see how Mr Clark-Neal copes when things go a bit pear shaped during live TV: “I love it when things go wrong on live TV, that’s why I do live TV and I don’t try and cover it up, I acknowledge it and laugh a long with it! I will love it if things go wrong, if the castle falls down, if the snow blows in Mel B’s face – I’m so excited”

Check our full chat with Rylan here...

Right, what are you lot doing still hanging about? Go snap up your Snow White tickets now!