Sneak Look at Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse

We're counting down the days until Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse take to the stage at the Barclaycard Arena! Take a sneak peek and see why we’re SO excited for their arrival this Saturday! 

Take a look at this little gallery, it'll give you a flavour of what you can expect from the funnymen this weekend! Fancy seeing the show for yourself? Grab your Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse tickets here.

Harry and Paul bring some of our favourite characters back to life with this jam-packed hilarious show! We're talking Keving the Teenager, Loadsamoney, the Old Gits and The Scousers, just to name a few!

The show is going to be exactly what you want. Silly, witty and simply a slice of comedy gold. Don't just take our word for it...

‘Enfield & Whitehouse really are legends. Superb’



‘Gloriously Silly. There’s life in these old gits yet!'


The Times

‘The most memorable comic characters of the past quarter-century. Genius’


‘A comedy-tastic force for good!

Daily Telegraph