Snow White Press Day: Behind The Scenes

We managed to sneak behind the scenes at the press day for Snow White - The World's Biggest Panto and boy oh boy, we've got loads of gossip and a few exclusives to reveal, it's going to be massive…

“A light-up enchanted forest” “huge castles” “big screens” “hundreds of performers” “completely star studded” “30 piece marching band” “water fountains” these are just a few things we overheard from the Snow White – The World’s Biggest Panto Press Day!

The show arrives at our arena this December, featuring the likes of Mel B, Rylan Clark-Neal, Lucy Kane, Vincent & Flavia PLUS Rusty Goffe, who fans of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Doctor Who may recognise.

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So, earlier this week we hosted a press day for the World’s BIGGEST Panto as Vincent & Flavia and Rusty arrived in Brum, firstly, to take a look at the venue in all its glory and secondly, to give us and the press a little taste of what we can expect from them in December’s spectacular show.

We even managed to a few minutes with some of the cast to get the low-down on their roles within the show….look out for the full interviews across our Facebook channel in the coming days!

So, what’s the goss? Here are a few things we found out about the show…

Vincent & Flavia have something special up their sleeves...


The Italian duo feature as the ‘Spirits in the Mirror’ who are Snow White’s parents, and said they’re here to push the boundaries and make the crowd feel like they’re part of the show: “We like to do different projects, we’re so glad that we’re doing the biggest in the world. We can’t reveal too much, but it’s going to be amazing – the audience will feel like they are part of the panto”

The pair also promised to add some Italian flare into what’s usually a typically British themed show and even told us that they are choreographing routines specifically for the show, so you guys are definitely in for something special!

Sassy Snow White…


The super talented singer / songwriter / actress, Lucy Kane, plays the role of Snow White in the World’s Biggest Panto and we know she’s going to own it. We sat down with Lucy to talk about all things panto, her love for the Spice Girls and what she’s going to bring to show….and by the sounds of it, Snow White is going to be sassier than what you’d expect.

“I’m going to bring something different, Snow White is going to be a bit sassier, she’s going to be bolshie!” – we love the sound of that! We’ve got the full interview coming real soon!

Rusty Goffe is a legend!


We already knew this, but after meeting the Hollywood star it confirmed it. He oozed professionalism, whilst being super-grounded, chatting away, sharing stories and being up for anything that was thrown at him. We can’t wait to see what Rusty brings to the show this December – he can also add World’s Biggest Panto to his ever-growing list of accolades!

Look out for full interviews with Lucy Kane, Rusty Goffe and Vincent & Flavia coming real soon where loads more will be revelaed!