Son of Legendary Dr Dre to Perform live at the BritAsia TV Music Awards!

Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre joins a star studded line-up performing at the 2017 BritAsia TV Music Awards this March!

Curtis Young grew up in the notorious suburbs of Compton, California. Raised predominantly by his mother he spent his youth idolising rappers like the NWA and at the age of 12 Curtis found out that one of the rappers he had admired so much was actually his father!

Curtis Young

It sounds like the script of a movie but the rapper in question is none other than hip-hop legend Dr.Dre! Despite his biological father’s lack of presence in his early years, when they finally met there was an instant connection. Not only do the two bear a strikingly resembelance to each other but they also share their musical talents. Curtis has numerous musical ventures under his belt and is only growing in success, and Dr. Dre well what can we say?!

Although a lot of children of celebrities enjoy a rich lifestyle, Curtis grew up on the tough streets of Compton. Never using his father’s success to his advantage, Curtis paves his own way all the time proving himself to be a talented and passionate artist and producer. Starting out learning about music production and sound engineering Curtis created his own music label Forever Young Entertainment and since has collaborated with many up and coming rappers.

In his latest venture Young collaborated with singer Rameet Sandhu and hit maker Dr. Zeus to create the single Talli Hogiya. The catchy tune even features rapping from Curtis, he is his father's son!

Curtis will join Rameet and Dr. Zeus on stage at the BritAsia TV World Music Awards on Sat 4th March 2017 in what will be his first performance in the UK. This will be an unforgettable appearance and the trio will undoubtedly bring the room to life.

Curtis, Rameet and Dr. Zeus join a whole host of stars to perform at the awards including - 

Zack Knight
The British singer, songwriter and producer brings his unique R&B crossover sound to the stage

Jasmin Walia
Best known for her role in television show The Only Way Is Essex, her singing career is going from strength to strength after releasing her first single Dum Dee Dum featuring Zack Knight and her new single Girl Like Me.

Born and raised in Amritsar, she started singing from a young age and has now gained international success with songs such as Neendan and Wonderland.

Born and raised in Derby, JK began training to be a vocalist under the tuition of Sukhjit Singh Olk, aka Tru-Skooldeep. He maintains a deep connection with his roots and speaks impeccable Panjabi – a rare quality in most UK born Panjabi’s and many vocalists alike. 

Jassi Gil
Jassi made his debut in 2011 with the album Batchmate which went on to become an instant success with the hit song Chudiyan. His second album Batchmate 2 went on to become an even bigger hit!

Babbal Rai
The Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter and film actor rose to fame from the song Nikki Jehi Jind. He also starred in the film Mr & Mrs 420 along with Jassi Gill and Binnu Dhillon

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