Spanish Riding School of Vienna Trots Into Birmingham

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna was founded in 1565 to teach the art of haute école (classical horsemanship). The traditional choreography sometimes changes, but the signature exercises go back hundreds of years. 

The world’s oldest and most famous equestrian academy celebrates its 450th anniversary this year. Considered Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2010, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna continues to delight both connoisseurs and newcomers to horsemanship almost half a millennium since its foundation in 1565. 

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The Spanish riding school is a hotspot for lovers of horses, music, classical culture, for families with horse riding teenagers or smaller kids - it really is something for everyone!

There are a few Vienna attractions that are unique worldwide, and this school is one of them. The performances of the baroque Lipizzaner horses in the unique Renaissance tradition of horse riding continue to be popular among visitors from all over the world.

The rider Herwig Radnetter said in a recent interview with The Guardian: "Riding is very therapeutic. It strengthens your back and your core muscles. We do condition training, to ensure we stay balanced – you should sit on a horse in pure balance, and if people end up with back problems, that’s mostly due to a lack of training. I only feel bad on a day when I don’t ride."

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