It’s on, it’s confirmed, it’s Mcgowan vs Bavetta!

It’s on, it’s confirmed, it’s Mcgowan vs Bavetta!

A fight that has been sought after by many promotions in recent times, this mouth-watering clash featuring two of the most talented bantamweights outside of Thailand will take place at The Main Event on May 23rd.

UK number 1 Mcgowan has propelled himself towards the top in the past 12 months with some eye-catching displays, during which time he stayed undefeated and taken wins over Paolo Da Silva and Spanish Champion Nestor Rodriguez, among others. A former triple junior World champion, Daniel is tipped for the very top by those in the know and boasts a professional record of 19 wins from 22 fights, with 1 draw and 2 losses.

In the opposite corner on May 23rd will be WBC ranked Gery Bavetta, a veteran of 62 bouts who has fought some of the biggest names around in different weight divisions, including Albert Chey, Amine Kacem and Davy Macintosh..

Bavetta is also currently training in Thailand and is due to compete on March 7th at Lumpini on a show where Mcgowan will also feature. A 3 time Italian champion, Bavetta's record of 47 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw is testament to his ability and he will be looking to add another English scalp to his CV with a win at The Main Event!

That’s not everything, we’ve also got…

Andrew Lofthouse (Evolve, Manchester) vs Matt Mckeown (Diamond Academy, Willenhall)

Lofthouse needs no introduction to the Muay Thai stage in the UK, having been very active in the past 18 months, during which time his popularity has soared. A former amateur World champion known for his unorthodox fighting methods, Lofthouse’s crowd-pleasing style has seen him take wins over some highly rated names!

In the opposite corner on May 23rd will be Matt Mckeown from the Diamond Academy in Willenhall. Trained by triple World champion Dean James, Mckeown is a strong all-round fighter with an impressive record of 13 wins from 16 professional fights.

Something of a clash of fighting styles, with Lofthouse’s entertaining and unpredictable approach up against a more traditional, disciplined stylist in Mckeown. There can only be one winner…