The Sessions At Abbey Road: Beatles Top 10

To get you in the mood of the arrival of The Session at Abbey Road show, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and give you our Top 10 Beatles tracks! You can still purchase tickets to The Sessions but be quick before they all sell out!.

To get us excited for the arrival of The Sessions At Abbey Road show which hits our arena next year, we thought we’d put together a list of our Top 10 Beatles tracks to get you in the mood.

The Sessions

Right then, we know there’s no right or wrong answer to this because everybody has their favourite Beatles tracks, but these are ours and if you don’t agree then we wanna hear from you!

10. A Hard Day’s Night

It’s fun, it’s lovely to sing along too and it was an early sign that the Beatles boys were actually quite good at song writing.

9. Yesterday

The emotional ballad is a nice change of pace in The Beatles back catalogue demonstrating they’re not all about the rock.. It’s a pretty emotional track is great to weep too if you’re ever feeling a bit down. It’s a beautiful song.

8. Eleanor Rigby

To this day, people still visit Liverpool’s St. Peter’s Parish Church to get a glimpse of Eleanor Rigby’s tombstone and although it’s never been proven that The Beatles took inspiration from Eleanor, it’s became a landmark to traveling fanatics. It’s a great song too.

7. Strawberry Fields Forever

This majestic song gives us an insight to the carefree childhood of John Lennon as well as being just that, a majestic song. It’s been covered quite a few times, but nothing can beat the original.

6. Penny Lane

Penny Lane, is in my ears and in my eyes…the song which well and truly put Penny Lane on the map, not only in Liverpool, but in the World.

5. Help!

The Beatles did experiment with a more pop-y vibe, with this being one of our very favourites. It’s as close as you can get to pop perfection – and we love it!

4. Yellow Submarine

Album, film and song, Yellow Submarine was a HUGE hit with The Beatles fans and who was the lead singer on this one…Paul? George? John? Of course not, it was the man with the sticks, Ringo Star!

3. Let It Be

The ‘Let It Be’ album was released roughly a month after the group split up back in May 1970, with the track being the stand out song on the EP (well, for us anyway).

2. All You Need Is Love.

No words necessary. All You Need Is Love.

1. Hey Jude

The ballad evolved from “Hey Jules” a song Paul wrote for John’s son during the divorce of his parents. It’s one The Beatles most recognisable tracks and is often included on the critics’ lists of greatest songs of all time. Just sit back, relax and click play.