Our Social Wall is Here!

Wow, wait there…have you seen where your tweets and Instagram posts end up when you use our show hash tag? Take a look…



Yes, all your pre-show selfies, tweets of excitement and snaps of your brand new band tee will feature on our snazzy new Social Wall (as long as you use our show hashtag).

If you're not following us on Twitter and Instagram yet, then do it now! All you've got to do is follow these three simple steps:


1. Take a selfie
2. Use the hashtag
3. Check the screen

Keep a look out on Twitter and Instagram for the specific hashtag and get sending us all your lovely tweets, I mean come on, who doesn't want to see their face on a giant 80inch screen!

You can find the Social Wall on the arena concourse, pop down and grab a selfie with Cheryl Cole, Ed Sheeran, Kevin Bridges and HARRY STYLES (not the real one, but hey, it’s close enough).