This is why we LOVE Steps fans!

Relive this special moment from the weekend as a couple of Steps fans busted a move whilst waiting for the show to begin - it's incredible! 

Behind amazing performances from Steps and the Vengaboys on Saturday night, this was the best thing that happened across the weekend here in Birmingham!

And it’s exactly why we love Steps fans…

These two chaps were spotted by loads of fans whilst we were waiting for Steps to come out for their first show in Birmingham for over a decade and they didn’t half keep us entertained.

As the classic Spice Girls track boomed throughout the arena bowl, the pair got up outta their seats and gave it their all as hundreds reached for their phones to record the action.

We absolutely love seeing stuff like this, seeing you lot come together and have a wicked night is exactly why were in this business.

Since Saturday the video has gone viral across Facebook and Twitter with many fans tagging the guys from Steps in the video in a bid to get the dancing duo recognised…or perhaps a slot as a warm up act in the future? Who knows!

Steps return to Birmingham this weekend, but over at our sister venue the Genting Arena and we wanna see you lot top the efforts of these two! Get dancing, get filming and get posting - we wanna see your moves!

Oh and if you want some last minute tickets for their show on the 9th December, go get some here!