Top 5 Jack Whitehall Moments

The hilarious Jack Whitehall has added another show here in Birmingham, this time over at the Barclaycard Arena. To mark the occasion, we've put together our favourite moments from the funny-man…and whittling it down to just five was the hardest thing ever. Enjoy this LOL-fest!

Jack Whitehall arrives here at the Barclaycard Arena on 26th February, exactly 10 days after his show over at our sister venue the Genting Arena – and we cannot wait! If you’ve not snapped up your ticket yet, then do it quick ‘cos they’re flying outta the door.

Right then, let’s get into it…

5. GoT Threats

During a scene in Bad Education where Jack portrays the character Alfie Wickes, he uses an unorthodox, perhaps genius teaching technique. After failing to grab the students attention, he hits them with this…

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The rest was history…quite literally as the character is in fact a history teacher.

4. The “Usher” moment

Whilst appearing on Graeme Norton’s show, Jack shared a story with Adele about the moment he introduced his Dad to Usher…and lets just say things didn’t quite go to plan.

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3.  The emotional moment with the caterpillar

Jack openly admitted to not knowing the end of the classic tale ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and when he found it, well, let’s just say things became a little too much,,,


2. Big Mac, please…medium rare.

Like father like son. It’s obvious to see where Jack gets his comedic wit from after this conversation with his old man…

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1. He’s in a League of his Own

Our number one favourite moment is actually a collection of moments. This is to pay homage to the fact that Jack Whitehall is quite often the whipping boy on League Of Their Own, a sports-panel show hosted by James Corden. Here's one of our favourite moments (things might get a little bit sweary, so if you're easily offended, probably don't watch this)...

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