We Spent The Day With Bradley & Martin

With Peter Pan - Christmas In Neverland on the horizon, Mr Smee and Captain Hook, erm sorry we mean, Bradley Walsh and Martin Kemp, met the media here in Birmingham ahead of their huge December show! 

After a busy morning in London with Holly & Phil on ITV's This Morning and speaking with the guys at Magic FM, Bradley Walsh, Martin Kemp and the gigantic scary crocodile hopped on a train and spent the afternoon with us in Birmingham! 


Bradley, who plays the lovable Mr Smee and Martin, who takes the role of Captain Hook, spent the afternoon chatting with fans on the street, speaking with the media and even made a few live TV appearances including ITV Central News ahead of Peter Pan's arrival!

Talking about the show Bradley described it as "like nothing you've ever seen before" and said "we've done the world's biggest panto, this is the next step up. Imagine Peter Pan meets Cirque du Soleil...that's what we're bringing you." 

The scale of this year's show is going to be HUGE with three performances stages, a giant 60-foot-wide LED screen, computer graphic imagery and even a life-size Jolly Roger sailing through the Arena in front of a 10,000-gallon water wall. I suppose Bradley was right, this definitely will be like nothing you've ever seen before!

Now, Martin Kemp is no stranger to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, but acting in front of thousands of screaming fans is something which is complete new for the former Spandau Ballet man...a challenge he's relishing! He said: "I've done anything like this before, but I cannot wait to get going now. I'm looking forward to working with Bradley to bring an amazing show to Birmingham."

Bradders even confessed that the chose to bring Peter Pan - Christmas In Neverland FIRST, before heading down to London for the second run of shows. "We love it here in Birmingham, the audience is honest and will turn up wanting to have a laugh and proper get involved in the show."

Here's a little preview of behind the scenes video we shot whilst following the chaps around earlier this week - look out for the full video coming soon...

Now, the only thing left to do is to grab your Peter Pan tickets!