We're going cashless!

We're going cashless across all our food and drink kiosks in B(eat) and on the concourse! Why? Cashless payment via your chip and pin card or through contactless payment on your phone or card, means you get a speedier service - so less time queuing and more time enjoying the show! 

C'mon, we've all been in that situation when your itching to grab a drink and get back into the arena for your favourite song, but the person in front of you is counting out £10.21 in shrapnel, coin by coin, penny by penny - it's the worst isn't it? Well now, that sweaty panic is over, because we're going CASHLESS on all our food and drink!

Starting from 17th December you'll be able to take advantage of speedier service at all our food and drink kiosks. 

Now, we understand some of you may be a little reluctant about the move, so we've got a few FAQ's to put your mind at ease...


What is ‘cashless’?

Cashless simply means just that - paying by card or contactless rather than cash.  

Whether your grabbing a quick burger or buying a round of drinks for your mates, we want to make this as quick as possible for you.  Therefore, we're asking folk to ditch the dosh and pay by contactless or with your chip and pin card. This means a speedier service and you get back to having fun at the show quicker!


Why are you doing this?

The Arena boffins have found that if customers pay by card, it speeds up every transaction by around 20 seconds.  For a full arena show that’s the equivalent of a whopping 87 hours (well…if you were all served just one at a time!)

And the quicker we can serve you, the quicker you can get back to the show!


Are all areas of the Arena going cashless?

We are only cashless in our food and drink units. 

You can still pay by cash on merch and on parking! 

If you don't have contactless or you've forgotten your card just ask one of our helpful members of staff and they'll be able to discuss alternative methods of payment. 


Will the merchandise stands accept cash?

Yup, it’s business as usual for the merchandise stands, so they’ll accept both cash and card payments.


I have an Amplify package - Can I pay in cash or will I need to use card?

You can pay with cash or card in the Amplify Quartz and The Foundry restaurants. The cashless food and drink kiosks can be found in B(eat) and on the concourse.


I don’t like using cards and only carry cash - how can I pay for food and drink?

As much as we are encouraging people to go cashless, we do understand that some of you would prefer to pay for things using cash.  Therefore, there will still be a roaming ‘cash only’ till at each catering point where you can pay with cash if required.


I don't have a contactless card - I only have chip and pin card. Can I use my card?

Yes, you can still use chip and pin or you can use contactless through Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay on your phone. 


What’s the contactless limit?

There is a £30 limit when using contactless. If your transaction exceeds £30 you can use chip and pin.

Are there any transaction charges?

No, using contactless is free of charge! 


What cards / methods of payment are accepted?

We except all card, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, except for American Express.


Will I get a receipt?

Receipts are available upon request.


What will appear on my bank statement?

For purchases at our food and beverage points it’ll state ‘Amadeus Arena Birmingham’. 


What happens if my card doesn’t work or is declined?

Don’t worry, there is a roaming till at each food and beverage kiosk that’ll accept cash payments, just ask a member of staff. 

If you don’t have any cash on you, we have a cash machine situated on the concourse. 


If I only have cash, where can I eat/drink?

You can still buy anything from our food and beverage kiosks, you’ll just need to look for the roaming ‘cash only' till or ask a member of staff. 


My teenage daughter/son is attending a concert, how can they pay for food and drink without money?

Don’t worry, there will be roaming cash tills availableat every kiosk to allow your son/daughter to pay for any food and drink while they’re inside the Arena. We’re also aware that a variety prepaid cards are now available, which will allow them to use our cashless tills. We accept all major prepaid cards and it means you can load as little or as much as you want them to spend on the night!