What is N5L?

Forget everything you know. This is a whole new form of entertainment. It mixes the game we love with music, dance, monster trucks and pyrotechnics...

N5L aka National 5's Leaue, heads to the Barclaycard Arena Birmingham, July 29th and it's going to be like no other event you've seen before.

Here's just a smal glimpse of what you can expect from some of the Futsal players...

N5L fuses together the LOVE of football with the skill of street dance, ground-breaking music, pyrotechnics and...MONSTER TRUCKS (yes, you read that correctly).

This July, head down to the Barclaycard Arena to cheer on the homegrown Birmingham Electric take on the mighty Manchester Novas, in game which promises to excite!

If you've never experienced N5L before, then now is the time! Snap up your N5L tickets here.