What To Expect From J. Cole?

The rap icon behind 'Power Trip' and 'Crooked Smile' brings his new 2017 show to Birmingham this October. Following the success of ‘4 Your Eyez Only’, J. Cole returns to the circuit giving us the chance to bask in his glory once again!

Now, if you read our 7 Things You Should Know About J. Cole blog which we published a couple of years ago, you'll know that Jermaine Lamarr Cole is technically German, he's a keen violinist and he's taller Jay Z...oh and he's not to be confused with former Premier League football J (Joe) Cole.

Here's a little teaser of what to expect from J. Cole this October..

If you're coming to see the rapper later this year, then honestly, you're in for a wicked night. The energy on display during a J. Cole show is like no other, as the star gets things going right off the bat, but, what's gonna be different about this show?..

Well, this time round Cole comes equipped with his critically acclaimed EP '4 Your Eyez Only' which many fans deem as one of best albums the rapper has produced. It's not influences of his earlier material, it's modern in terms of it's production and his lyrics resonates with huge audiences - it really is a classic.