When you’re part of a 15,000-strong crowd, you don’t expect much privacy…

Or stunning panoramic views. And certainly not a private bar. But then, we’ve never been ones for offering the expected. So say hello to ShowCubes, our luxurious and exclusive private boxes with a view.

When it came to creating the ultimate private viewing experience at Arena Birmingham, we decided to go against the norm and think inside the box. The result? Our ten exclusive and luxurious ShowCubes, the perfect way to make friends and influence people.

Each ShowCube includes a private bar and offers balcony seating for up to 14 people. Not to mention uninterrupted panoramic views of the arena. If your guests are hungry, delicious pre-show dinners can also be served up in style. That’s a win-win-win-win situation by our count.

ShowCubes are available for annual hire and on a show-by-show basis. To find out more call Amplify Hospitality on 0844 338 0333 or email the team today.