The Foundry Restaurant

The main event, before the main event.

That was our thinking when we built The Foundry, Arena Birmingham's most exclusive and deliciously extravagant restaurant. Great seats, impeccable service, inventive décor. You’ll find them all on the menu, along with a few naughty desserts.  

In a city famous for its food and boasting more than a few Michelin stars, you really have to go above and beyond to earn your spot on Birmingham’s food map. Fortunately we love a challenge. So when we designed Arena Birmingham's luxurious and intimate restaurant, The Foundry, we obviously went to town. On the menu, on the service, on the décor, even on the napkins.

The moment you step inside, you’re greeted by an interior impressively decorated with stunning copper. Why copper? To reflect the essential role Birmingham played in the industrial revolution. Plus it looked really glamorous, so win-win. Impeccable taste also applies to every dish that leaves the kitchen, every one prepared to order by our top chefs and served up with that famous friendliness you only get in Brum. A fact we’re rather proud of.

To find out why The Foundry restaurant is on everyone’s lips call Amplify Hospitality on 0844 338 0333 or email the team today.