Bastille: Our Verdict

Reviewed on 09 Nov 2016
  • Event review

    Bastille took over our arena on Tuesday 8th November as part of their Wild World Tour, and man oh man, it was nothing short of incredible. Relive the night with our review. Also, just a heads up, this review is packed full of Bastille puns #sorrynotsorry.

    So, after two superb support performances from Child Care and Rationale, it was time for Bastille…and ‘Good Grief’ (pun number one) did they deliver! Although it’s been quite a few years since Bastille performed in the second city, there was no ‘Bad Blood’ (pun number two) between the boys and the Birmingham crowd.

    From the first song to the very last, the whole set was jam-packed full of pure punchy energy! Dan Smith is the perfect front-man, controlling the pace of the show and engaging with the audience right from the off. The rest of the band, Chris ‘Woody’ Wood (drums), Kyle Simmons (keys) and Will Farquarson (everything), didn’t just slip under the radar, it’s very much a team effort and the interactions between the lads demonstrated what a tight-knit band the Bastille boys are.

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    What’s brilliant to see is just how much the band have matured not only lyrically, but in terms of their overall performance. The production was on point, the graphics and lighting perfectly complimented the set-list and with a B-Stage located in the heart of the standing area, it allowed each and every fan the chance to soak up the action!

    It was apparent that Bastille weren't just going through the motions, their performance felt genuine and interludes between songs were personal, heartfelt and gave us the impression that they loved being back in Birmingham.

    The band switched between new material from their hugely successful Wild World album and classic bangers from the 2013 Number 1 EP, Bad Blood! Here’s the full set list from their Birmingham show…

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    Set List:
    Send Them Off!
    Laura Palmer
    Flaws (Dan in crowd and mixing desk
    Things We Lost in the Fire
    The Draw
    The Currents
    Bad Blood
    Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)
    Of the Night (Dan at mixing desk)
    Fake It
    Weight of Living, Pt. II
    Good Grief

    Two Evils

    The crowd were ‘Overjoyed’ as Bastille continued to perform at the top of their game. I’ve seen the lads at numerous festivals, but there was something special about the atmosphere in the arena during the show – the feel good factor was soaring through the roof.

    Personal highlights of mine; Pompeii was crazy, Things We Lost in the Fire had almost everyone chanting along and Send Them Off was the perfect way to kick off the show.

    Although, the best moment ‘Of The Night’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) was when Dan went off stage before the encore. We were waiting for just a few more hits from the boys and fully expected Dan to reappear centre stage, but he didn’t. After a few moments of panic, the charismatic frontman reappeared in the Block 3 seating area, giving fans in close proximity a fantastic view of his lovely quiff...and making everyone else in the arena think "I wish I was sitting there."


    It was a 5 star performance from a 5 star band. Any ‘Flaws’? Nah. The only ‘bad_news’ for Bastille fans, we’re going to have to wait probably another year or so before the boys head back out on tour.

    Reviewed by   Todd Newton