Billy Connolly: Our Verdict

Reviewed on 02 Nov 2016
  • Event review

    The word legend is often overused however when it's applied to Billy Connolly you would be hard pushed to find someone who disagrees. 

    Billy rolled his high horse tour into the Barclaycard arena last night after having a few month off. Connolly, 73, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons and prostate cancer in 2014 courageously talks about the illnesses in his own beautiful way, managing to find humour in every sentence.

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    From there Connolly begins to pass on a few of his learnings from his very colourful past. These range from his days as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards to being a hippy playing his Banjo in countless pubs and clubs around the world.

    It wouldn't be a Billy gig if he didn't talk about some of the wonderful places he has visited and the hilarious stories that followed. In his trade mark way, Connolly manages to tell 2 or 3 stories at the same time. Weaving between them all and picking them up exactly where he left off.

    Bringing the show completely into the modern day, Connolly shares his thoughts on Donald Trump, Nigel Farage  and even selfies.


    Billy provided an out standing two hour show proving he really hasn't lost it. Billy, we love you. 

    Reviewed by   Richard Mitchell