Our Verdict: Bruno Mars

Reviewed on 24 Apr 2017
  • Event review

    If you like your gigs with a huge scoop of FUNK, busy bright lights and a huge party atmosphere, then you’ve just gotta see Bruno Mars and his Hooligans live! Swag, class and most of all, soul oozed out of the Uptown Funk superstar as he gave us a 24K-golden evening here in Birmingham!

    It was kinda fitting that Bruno Mars opened the show with album track Finesse, as finesse is exactly what poured out of the performance – it was just effortless. The noise in the arena after Bruno finished the number was deafening, with fans from wall to wall on their feet for the Hawaiian hit-maker.

    It was then onto Bruno’s biggest success since his feature on Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’…'24k Magic' and boy, it was something else. Despite 15,000 fans singing along to every single word, Mars’ incredible vocals rung supreme hitting every corner of the room. The most impressive thing from the whole show, not just this performance, was Bruno’s ability to hit every note of every song whilst performing some seriously challenging dance moves. *Side note, hats off to all you lovely people in the crowd trying to mimic his body popping…it was almost as entertaining as the show itself. #KeepOnDancing*

    The whole evening was a massive throwback with elements of Boys II Men, 90’s RnB and 80’s soul peppering the performance…which was totally amazing. It was a none-stop P-A-R-T-Y.

    Bruno even worked ‘Birmingham’ into a few tracks, sandwiching “Birmingham, not Birming-beef, but Birming-HAM” over the instrumental of ‘That’s What I Like’ - and seems as I like ham, beef and Bruno Mars it was perfect combination!

    Bruno’s relationship with his Hooligan’s, the supporting group who perform with Mars, is amazing. They look great, they sound great and what’s probably most apparent is that the chaps are actually having fun – and when you see something like that, it’s hard not to follow suit.

    Now, if you think Bruno Mars is just that guy who sings on funky songs, you’d be wrong…there’s literally nothing he cannot do. When he wasn’t pulling out insane dance routines or laying down some sweet, sweet vocals, he was playing instruments like a true professional. During 'Versace On The Floor' he picked up an electric guitar and performed like the greatest of frontman, with riffs, licks and crazy solos to rival the very best.

    We then took a moment to breathe, slow things down and think about the ones we love as Mars performed a emotional, stripped back version of ‘When I Was Your Man'. The rendition had everyone swaying, some crying and a few reminiscing about the ‘one who got away’...well, what do you expect when you've got Bruno Mars giving us all of the feels.

    Bruno departed the stage for 2-3 minutes before inevitably returning to give us an encore to remember, featuring Locked Out of Heaven (which was incredible) and ending on what became one of the biggest songs of 2014, Uptown Funk. You’d think after over an hour and a half of performing at full speed, Bruno would be fatiguing a bit…but he’s a machine, and true entertainer.


    It was a throwback evening featuring 90 minutes of pure fun, energy and just generally a none-stop party.