Disney On Ice | Review

Reviewed on 28 Oct 2014
  • Event review

    On Wednesday the 22nd October myself and three of my twenty-something-year-old mates popped down to the NIA, Birmingham to relive our youth and watch the first of a 12 night run of Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic..

    Feeling slightly out of place once we realised that we were the only people there without children, and a bit gutted we hadn’t got the memo about dressing as a Disney princess, we got to the venue. Despite areas still being boarded off as part of the NIA redevelopment the flow through of the audience was good and well managed, getting everyone in and in their seats promptly.

    Mickey and Minnie of course lead the show, acting as narrators and our trusty guides throughout the show. It’s a bit of a different format to some of Disney on Ice’s usual 4-story shows, however it flowed well showing us a bit of everything from Finding Nemo (Bruce the shark was amazing) to Pinocchio, from Toy Story to the Lion King.  The Disney princesses made a short but sweet appearance, skating along with their princes to a roar of cheers and flashy light things being waved in the air.

    The interval is well timed for those with short attention spans, with time to grab that extra bit of merchandise or some sugary treats from the stands which line the concourse.

    The second half was just as good, showcasing a few stories and of course some more classic Disney songs to sing along to. In terms of skating the second half was definitely more impressive, with the characters and movies they were taken from lending themselves to more showmanship. I was a bit too old for the Mulan film originally, but the Mulan section in Disney on Ice particularly stood out, using jumps, spins and allsorts in the battle scene.

    Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic is a little bit of a lot of things, with the grand finale really showcasing the breadth and love of so many Disney characters, stories and songs. We left wanting more… surrounded by over excited children, dreaming of becoming figure skating Disney princesses and with ‘it’s a small world’ stuck in our heads.

    Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic, is definitely worth a watch for Disney fans young and old and perfect family entertainment. We‘ll definitely be back in April for Disney on Ice’s Magical Ice Festival at the LG Arena