Reviewed on 09 Dec 2015
  • Event review

    Dynamo transferred his incredible TV show to the live stage with ease, keep up his mind-boggling illusions and tricks, wowing the audience at every stage.

    Dynamo arrived for his first night at the Barclaycard Arena with a lot of hype and mystery around the show… We’d all seen Dynamo walk on water, confuse us with his card tricks and levitate  in front of Christ the Redeemer, now it was his turn to show us what he can do up close and personal.

    The Bradford born magician (or wizard / alien) gave us great insight to his live….He didn’t come across as pretentious, but as a modest man who just loves magic! In cartoon form, the opening 5 minutes gave us a snap shot into his early days as a magician and showed us how large his imagination is. The passion he has for magic could easily be shown throughout the show!!

    We don’t want to give away any SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to know any more details, look away now!!

    Chatting to the crowd throughout, he looked like a natural showman. Starting the night off by giving mysterious box to a member of the audience to look after for his ‘big finale’, you knew that crowd interaction was going to be a big part of the show.

    It was extraordinary; he included his famous glass bottle trick; throwing a mobile phone into a bottle THEN getting someone to phone that phone… it still bamboozles me how it was done. There was an incredible disappearing / reappearing trick, somehow vanishing off the stage to arrive at the back of the arena. There was also a cheeky little card trick off his Nana, which managed to trick the whole arena at once.

    Real name Steven Frayne, must have some of the quickest / magical hands in the business… the ‘Dynamo shuffle’ made a regular appearance, and even after watching it closely, I still have no idea how he does it! There were several card tricks together with some mind control moments, which leave you thinking “how on earth did he do that?”

    We don’t want to give too much away before you go to watch… but yes, he DOES levitate at one point. It was incredible!


    The tour was named ‘Seeing Is Believing’, and after today… it’s hard not to believe there’s not something supernatural about Dynamo. If you get the chance to see him on tour, make sure you don’t miss out. He was chatty, funny and mysterious but most of all it was magical.

    Reviewed by   Martin Clarke