John Legend | Review

Reviewed on 12 Oct 2014
  • Event review

    Having been a fan of John since seeing him at a Birmingham City Centre venue back in 2004, it was definitely worth the wait. 

    A little known solo artist back in 2004 but playing backing vocals (& piano – talented guy) to many of the R&B greats, the ‘Legend’ hit the stage at the NIA Birmingham on Sunday 12th October with his “All of Me” 2014 Tour. Although on his return, playing a much bigger venue, it still had the feeling of an intimate gig. He promised to bring us the “Best we’ve ever had” and he certainly did not disappoint!

    The crowd was made up of a great mix of fans, both young and old came out to support the mighty John Legend.

    It was a very stripped back set, which I loved! It was very simple, just John and his piano, a string quartet, drums and guitar – No backing singers, he didn’t need them, with his solid tones and crisp delivery.

    John pleased the crowd by performing hit after hit from his most recent album ‘All of Me”. He began with ‘Made to Love’, then mixed it up with acapella breakdowns and conversation with the audience. He then moved on to the ‘now you know it moment’ as he relayed some fan favourite songs such as ‘Do it Again’ and ‘Let’s Go To The Park’ which had the whole room on their feet.

    Mr Legend was very much that, a LEGEND! His banter with the crowd was fantastic giving us an insight to what John is like as a person. He took us on a journey into how his career began, from his gospel beginnings to his family life, which was very musical orientated. The crowd seemed to appreciate that he wasn’t a “One hit Wonder” and that he had worked his way up in the music industry. It made the evening even more credible.

    The intimate set really suited John’s performance. He is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer, which was evident from watching him live. There was no big stage production, set changes or pyrotechnics, just him doing what he does best, serenading the crowd and singing and playing superbly.

    Telling us about ‘his story’, struggling to make it as he told us all the record labels turned him down – even the one he’s signed to now. Shows you, never give up and you can never hold talent down. Plus his amazing hit ‘Take it slow’ backed by beautiful violins and cello – the crowd was silent.


    As a big John Legend fan, he didn’t disappoint.