Justin Bieber: Our Verdict

Reviewed on 17 Oct 2016
  • Event review

    So, last night Justin Bieber returned to Birmingham for the first time since February 2013 and it was most definitely worth the wait.

    Before we were treated to almost 2 hours of Justin Bieber heavenly-goodness, MiC Lowry and The Knox took to the stage to get the crowd warmed up...and from the noise that was generated by the Brummie crowd, we reckon they did a pretty good job at getting the show started. Both acts performed a handful of hits, oozing confidence, quality and of course, swag, swag, swag.


    Once the support acts did their thing, there was a small wait (which for most Beliebers probably felt like an eternity) before the lights dimmed and it was time for the Bieber…

    And wow - the noise was ridiculous… 

    I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few gigs here at the Barclaycard Arena, but I can safely say the crowd at Bieber last night were by far the loudest. Literally, never heard anything like it. Teenage girls, groups of lads, families, hero Dad’s and thirty-somethings all joining together to give Justin the welcome he deserved.

    The show kicked off with a few big tracks from the Purpose album, including Mark My Words, Get Used To It, I’ll Show You, The Feeling and the absolute banger Where Are Ü Now? It was the perfect way to start the evening – the vocals were on point, the stage set up was incredible, dance routines on another level and the overall performance, well, it was just 10 outta 10. Bieber was killing it.

    This was just before we heard the un-mistakable riff of Boyfriend slowly bumping away in the background…and guess what? Yup, the crowd erupted AGAIN! Justin proved just what a smooth customer he is during those 3 to 4 minutes, leaving almost every female (and probably most of the chaps) wishing Biebz was their boyfriend.

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    Part of the show was dedicated solely to Justin, an old sofa and his acoustic guitar, allowing the superstar to highlight his best asset (no, not his face) his voice. Biebz performed a stripped back version of Cold Water and Love Yourself, showing us his undeniable raw talent.

    Criticism and negativity naturally seem to follow Bieber with a lot of people quick to jump on his every move, which is why I think it’s important that people give him credit where credits due. Last night JB proved that he is an all round entertainer, who effortlessly oozes so much musical prowess.

    It would have been easy for an artist like Bieber to do the bear minimum and get away with it in terms of production and performance, but this was the opposite. There were no corners cut and the overall production was simply second to none. We’re talking fire, amazing lighting, impressive stage platforms and a giant TRAMPOLINE!

    Have you ever bounced on a trampoline suspended 50 ft in the air whilst 16,000 people Snapchat the whole thing? No? Well, Bieber has. JB and his dancers took to the giant trampoline whilst performing hit single Company - and on top of the 5 or 6 backflips, Justin continue to smash out his vocals.

    JB even showed off his drumming ability, performing a 10 minute solo on the pads and demonstrating that he can literally do anything. Justin then tossed his used drumsticks into the crowd, giving a few fans a memento they’ll cherish forever…or sell for thousands of quid on eBay.

    The majority of the setlist was mostly made up of tracks from Purpose (obviously) but towards the end of the show JB gave the people what they came for…a rendition of BABY! It was the song that took Justin Bieber - the young Canadian kid, to Justin Bieber - the global superstar and even to this day, you can tell that the hit pop single still has a special place in Justin’s heart.

    JB ended the show with Purpose before ducking backstage, leaving the people wanting just ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG…and one more song is what we got! After some dramatic lighting and a few minutes of suspense, Justin Bieber reappeared for his encore - a huge live version of Sorry! It was the perfect way to end a performance which met the expectations of the Birmingham crowd and then some!


    If you ever get the chance to see a Justin Bieber show, then take it!

    Reviewed by   Todd Newton