Our Verdict: Liam Gallagher

Reviewed on 13 Dec 2017
  • Event review

    Coming off the back of a No.1 album and a string of sold out UK shows, it was time for Liam Gallagher to take over Arena Birmingham…and he absolutely smashed it!

    Liam who craves attention and has been lapping it up recently on social media has never really been out of the media spotlight since Oasis split 8 years ago, but he’s not hit great heights during his solo career and more recently with Beady Eye. His new album ‘As You Were’ promised something different and was eagerly awaited by fans. It seems he has finally re-engaged the avid Oasis fans with his bold, foot stomping, beefy tunes with a real Oasis sound.

    I’ve seen Oasis twice here in Birmingham. The last time was during their final UK tour back in 2009. They were both special occasions and times I’ll never forget. I had the same feeling during the build up to this gig. I just knew it was going to be a cracker.

    The night began with two entertaining warm up acts. Welsh rockers Trampolene started off proceedings, followed by Rat Boy who set us up nicely for the man himself.

    Liam swaggered onto stage promptly at 9.15 to a full house at Arena Birmingham. Without saying a word he belted out ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’. Liam swiftly moved on to ‘Morning Glory’, setting out the stall for a hell of a good night with a couple of Oasis classics. The raucous crowd were already buoyant and singing along as you would expect. It was almost like going back in time to 2009.

    New tracks ‘Greedy Soul’, ‘Wall Of Glass’ and ‘Paper Crown’ followed to a great reception. Fans were lapping up the new stuff. A few are sure to become proper anthems, especially For ‘What It’s Worth’. It’s a big personal favourite of mine.

    The night carried on the in the same vein with Liam impressing with his strong vocals and immense stage presence. Something he has never lost since the early days. At one point he jestfully taunted the crowd saying “some people say Birmingham hasn’t got it any more, I tell em nah. Have you still got it Birmingham?” You can imagine the response…

    The hardcore Oasis fans in the room were even treated to a 1995 classic B side track ‘Rockin’Chair’ as well as ‘Some Might Say’ and ‘Slide Away’. They went down a treat and sent people into a frenzy with copious amounts of liquid being thrown into the air. I was soaked through but really didn’t care. We hoped it was beer and not the other thing…

    The encore was in sight so we decided to squeeze even further towards the front of the buzzing crowd. I’ve witnessed many encores over the years, but a double encore including some absolute belters was something to savour. Liam only briefly left the stage before re-appearing to a rapturous applause. The unmistakable clanging guitar intro to ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ began. Followed by fan favourite ‘Live Forever’. The icing on the cake was a special rendition of ‘Wonderwall’. Liam had us all in the palm of his hands and he knew it. What a night! I haven’t felt this satisfied after a gig in a long time. It ticked all the boxes for me. 


    Mr Gallagher captivated a crowd of over fifteen thousand adoring fans for almost 2 hours and proved that he’s still the original Rock n Roll Star. He’s riding the crest of a wave right now and back to making great music. Long may it continue!

    Reviewed by   Phil Boyce